How to Photograph the Northern Lights eBook

If you have long dreamed of photographing the northern lights, or have made attempts that you wish were more successful, then this eBook is a must for you. How to Photograph the Northern Lights is a very well illustrated, comprehensive 330-page tutorial that will give the necessary information to make your aurora photography venture a success. Two long-time Alaskans and specialists in their fields have teamed up to create this resource.

Two Alaska specialists, photographer Patrick J Endres and scientist Neal Brown, have teamed up to produce this thorough and resourceful book. If learning how to photograph the northern lights is on your bucket list, then this wonderfully illustrated eBook is a must. It is a comprehensive and thorough guide that will equip you with the information necessary to capture your own photos of the aurora borealis.

3rd Edition: V3.7 Updated 1/31/2018

330 pages | 150+ photos | 150+ illustrations | English

Chapter Content

I built this book based on my own experience of how to best photograph the aurora. It was important to make it visually instructive as well as loaded with content. Each chapter opens with a short story from my work in the field and then expanded on in the chapter. When addressing the subject of aurora photography, one cannot avoid some technical topics, but it is written in a way that both the beginner and professional photographer will find invaluable. I added more than 150 luminous aurora photos, thoughtful quotes, and 150+ illustrations, graphs, and figures to instruct you how to best be prepared for all the things that may come your way on a night out photographing the aurora.

Topics discussed

  • where to go

  • what month and season is best

  • what time of night is best

  • how to dress appropriately for the cold

  • working with camera gear in the cold

  • what camera and lens to use

  • how to read aurora forecasts

  • composition and depth of field

  • how to properly expose

  • moon and moonlight considerations

  • tips for working in the dark

  • helpful apps

  • and much more.

What’s New in the 3rd Edition

  • Hot link Table of Contents navigation for iPad version

  • 33 new pages of content

  • Major revisions to camera and lenses section

  • Updated graphics and new photos

  • Expanded “working in the dark” section

  • Added more aurora resource links

  • Updated aurora apps

  • Minor updates to other chapters

  • Added section on using filters to assist with live view focus.

  • Major charts and diagrams quick reference appendix.

This is an absolutely ‘must read’ book for anyone hoping to photograph the Aurora. I’m off to Northern Norway (Tromso) on March 10 (New moon)and for the first time feel really well prepared. I picked all kinds of tips – and the checklists are brilliant as a last minute form of preparation. Nothing is left to chance in this wonderfully illustrated book. Highly recommended!”


Sam Hall, United Kingdom